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Jan 26, 2013 10:00am EST
, especially of wall street and the obama administration. there's a problem, which has been alluded to already. it seems much more a problem at the federal level than at the state level. a lack of political on to nor should. a lack of jack kemp-like figures, paul ryan-like figures. -- a lack of political entrepreneurship. >> [inaudible] >> develop legislation along these lines. >> something happened this week that i think people ought to pay attention to that i found incredibly impressive and jaw- droppingly surprising from a member of the house gop that people need to pay attention to. next question, please. >> i keep hearing about this pro-growth, jobs-creating policy. could any of you describe the specific elements? >> step one would be to read " national review" and "the weekly standard" and you will get a lot of commentary -- >> whoever wants to take a first crack at that. laughing -- [laughter] >> i think we have all address that and brought out lines. >> you have to ask what actually economic growth would consist of. it consists of two things -- labor market growth, more work
Jan 26, 2013 7:00pm EST
of the obama machine. there was no counterweight. >> if i could follow quickly -- macro politics -- we saw it in this election, and i was shocked by it. macro politics has got to be filtered down into micro targeting. we do not have a national election anymore. we did not have a national election for president this year. we had an election of about eight states. the obama people were smart enough to figure that out. republicans were not. they went into those eight states and mined data. they did it on facebook, twitter, in all these places. they killed us. they spent tens of millions of dollars -- chris christie's top aide went to him in june and said he had been looking at obama's records and that they were in trouble. millions and millions and millions of dollars finding people. it was the 2012 equivalent of what i did in 1994. i had no money, so i got the super republican list, and for a year, i went door-to-door and walked on doors of republicans that voted in primaries. i did not talk to anybody else for 18 months. my kids, my wife, a little bit, but outside of that -- but t
Jan 27, 2013 1:00am EST
barack obama was saying to everyone struggling to climb the economic ladder is you can't build that. listen, i don't really care who built the corporate titans and giants of today. one of the biggest lies of politics is the lie that republicans are the party of big business. big business loves big government. big business is very, very happy to get in bed with big government to hire an army of lobbyists and tax attorneys and to entrench their power. we should be the party of small businesses, of entrepreneurs, of the next person starting a business in his garage that's going to topple those giant corporations. \[applause] our policies work, and they're right. you know, in the last four years, hispanic unemployment climbed to over 10%. african-american unemployment climbed to over 14%. everyone is talking about the demographics of this last election and how it means republicans are doomed, doomed for all eternity. the policies of the obama administration have fundamentally failed the communities that are struggling to climb the economic ladder. and yet how many republicans said that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3